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Brutal Doom: There will be blood.


This is it. The most intense, nostalgia invoking rendition of the original Doom series you will find anywhere. Thousands of tweaks, added content, weapons, one-liners, and sprites galore paired with the challenge of running the gauntlet of monsters and demons waiting to tear you a new asshole. The game is brutal. Brutally brutal. If you could be any more brutal, your face would melt off.

One of the highest rated mods on moddb.com, this holds true to the feel of the old Doom series while adding a refresh and update to the 21st century. This is what Doom would have been had it been released 10 years later, and even garnished a nod of approval from the original creators of the Doom franchise, Id Software.

If you would like to play, take a visit to the main moddb site at http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom

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