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Stellaris: Apocalypse Will Feature Nomadic Empires And Great Hordes

  The Horde Is Coming In Stellaris: Apocalypse We’re just a few weeks in, but 2018 is already looking like a very exciting year for Stellaris fans. Paradox Development Studio is already working on the largest update ever for the space-based grand strategy game: the Cherryh Update, also known (even officially) as Stellaris 2.0. It’s a big …

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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from DayZ: Escape from Tarkov  Miles and miles of abandoned buildings, surrounded by an unrelenting wilderness, set in a foreign land that is a gateway between Russia and Europe. Wide spanning urban regions covered in mystery, danger, and loneliness. Experience real, visceral reactions as you encounter what may be …

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Wargame Tactics: The Warsaw Pact Series

Wargame Tactics: The Warsaw Pact Series Eastern Bloc (Pl, E-Grm, CZK) Wargame features a wide array of units ranging from heavy hitting-tanks to glass-cannon planes, from long-range artillery to CQC infantry and reconnaissance operators all with unique nationalities, specialties and sizes. With such an overwhelming selection of various units, one has to …

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Star Wars Battlefront PC Mod

Star Wars Battlefront Mod Makes Graphics Look Even Better! In One Word…..Stunning. Martin “Toddyftw” Bergman’s Toddyhancer graphics mod, which we got a look at back in August, makes Grand Theft Auto V’s lighting look ridiculously good. As it turns out, it also works wonders for Star Wars Battlefront. It’s a …

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Elite Dangerous: Horizons

Nov 23, 2015 CEO of Frontier Developments, David Braben shows us a look at the scale and rendering engine used for Elite: Dangerous and it's Horizons update expected by the end of this year. You can clearly see the Stellar Forge engine has rendered the entire planet in amazing detail, while …

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Fifa 16 Review

FIFA 16 is an incremental improvement, but with legacy issues still plaguing the on-field action the changes feel hollow in light of PES 2016’s overwhelming turnaround. FUT Draft mode is a great addition Comfortably outshone by PES 2016 in almost every way Engine is ageing badly Non-FUT modes in desperate …

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