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The primary objective of RAMROD GAMING is to unite like-minded men and women over the social medium of online video games. We seek to build an entirely accepting and friendly community in which all participants can comfortably and confidently take part in active communication and collaboration with other members of the community. It is our goal to bring together the four corners of the world under one accepting and totally encompassing house of camaraderie. RAMROD GAMING will establish a substantial sense of esprit de corps; all members will feel pride and a sense of loyalty to the common cause we all share.

RAMROD GAMING will also maintain the values of integrity and patriotism and will actively seek to support veterans and first responders; RAMROD GAMING promises that we will remain a not-for-profit organization and that all proceeds beyond the standard operational budget will be donated to worthy causes supporting the aforementioned groups. These groups will NOT be centralized in a specific location; RAMROD GAMING promises to be an international community and as such we will support any group which shares our values of integrity, service, and community.