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Stellaris: Apocalypse Will Feature Nomadic Empires And Great Hordes

  The Horde Is Coming In Stellaris: Apocalypse We’re just a few weeks in, but 2018 is already looking like a very exciting year for Stellaris fans. Paradox Development Studio is already working on the largest update ever for the space-based grand strategy game: the Cherryh Update, also known (even officially) as Stellaris 2.0. It’s a big …

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Brutal Doom: There will be blood.

This is it. The most intense, nostalgia invoking rendition of the original Doom series you will find anywhere. Thousands of tweaks, added content, weapons, one-liners, and sprites galore paired with the challenge of running the gauntlet of monsters and demons waiting to tear you a new asshole. The game is …

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Wargame: Red Dragon

The RTS genre has never really been my “cup of tea”, however one game in particular has caught my eye and almost 200 hours invested in I can say it’s definitely one to look for. Wargame: Red Dragon has players create a deck of deployed units that draw from a …

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