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New Warhammer: Total War Cinematic Unleashes The Vampire Counts!


Darkness sweeps across the lands – barricade the city and ready your arms – the Vampire Counts have been unleashed and are out for blood.

The ever so evil Vampire Counts have been revealed as Total War: Warhammer’sfourth and final playable race. To date we have seen the Dwarfs, Greenskins, and humans but today Sega have confirmed everybody’s worst fears – the Vampire Counts have arisen.

Well, they promised us necromancy and death magic – what else did we expect? The Vampire Counts hail from the ‘forsaken lands of Sylvania; led by Mannfred von Carstein the Vampire counts are a devastatingly powerful race to wield.

I would certainly recommend standing with them rather than against them. The Counts are powerful warriors but also control armies of undead and even have dragons that can devastate the battlefield.

The trailer has been made with the in-game engine, not with pre rendered CGI – it certainly goes some way of showcasing the formidable power that the Vampire Counts control.

What race will you be leading? I find that lacking no real moral compass makes it far easier to sweep through the lines of soldiers on the battlefield so, I will most defiantly be going Vampire Counts.

Total War: Warhammer is set to release on PC on May 24.

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